Make Motherhood Diverse: Elephants.

The girls over at Make Motherhood Diverse were bold enough to share a piece of work I can only describe as the best I’ve written.

What if the elephant in the room could talk?

Elephants is a piece about tokenism and covert prejudice. The concept was created when I noticed a trend of constantly being an other or ticking a box. While it’s clearly an uncomfortable topic, what was more uncomfortable was the idea of daring to open up this conversation. My experiences are personal but not uncommon so this was a main point I wanted to make. This piece was written to speak to the privileged whether that be via race, gender, age etc. Written to have a challenging yet also refreshing effect Elephants speaks about the topics we all avoid. It was also written to highlight the idea that the statistics we read about and pity, could sometimes be unsuspectingly already sitting at our table. The new age movement of being woke, should not always be aimed at the obvious suspects because passive microaggressions can cause just as much disturbance.

The full post can be found here.

As always happy reading. x



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