Young girl soon you’re going to meet life and it will never stop teaching you. All those mistakes are lessons to be learned, they are anecdotes to share. You will travel the world and fall in love. Firstly you will learn to love yourself. You will realise you cant control everything but can control how you behave by being graceful, polite and genuine; you’ll go further than you ever thought you could. If you feel comfortable it’s probably the calm before the storm and it’s okay to be scared because in you fear breeds logic. Please remember how to open your heart to forgiveness when your mind feels vengeful. I say this because the makings of you are the times where the easy option might not be the right option. When the day comes where you and everything as you know it feel, look, sound and taste unfamiliar be careful but be continuous you’re on a journey. The strength to always be better is admirable it is also a force unto itself and while you’re on the way there remember the way you’ve already come. It’s astounding who you will be compared to who you’re petrified of becoming. Yes I know now this is very complex. But all in preparation for a little girl who will enhance your life, in order to do right by her you must do right by you too. When you hear of her arrival many emotions will arise and you will not recognise who you are. But she will revive who you have always been. You will give birth to the life in her and she will give birth to the mother in you.



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