Why are you here?

Better question why am I here? 

What in the name are we doing? 

Hustling, getting by, managing, surviving? 


Actually I’m living.

I’m doing what I never knew I wanted to do. What I naively overlooked as important. 

Living freely. 

With everything in life there are sacrifices. 

Yet, the things I value most are safe, my people, life and craft are safe. 

As is my mind and sanity. 

I know this seems to be an incredibly understated explanation of freedom. But, the soles of my shoes are worn. 

For the path I have walked is long. 

Along my journey many elements of my being wavered. The stability of self became questionable.

So now I’m not hopeful for what I am yet to acquire. Just grateful for what I’ve managed to retain. 

The concept of fallacy isn’t lost on me either. 

In fact that is how I got here. 

With the belief that being strong was enough. 

No my dear it isn’t. 

Nothing is enough. 

Do you understand?

Nothing is enough!

Something though well I guess… there’s some weight in that. 

Anything is even better. 

Essentially I’ve found if you feel you’ve all the answers, you’ve nothing at all. 

Finding something is incredible because it means we’re beginning to accept this is where the substance lays. 

Anything, jackpot. 

You’ve only gone and mastered it. 

Anything is good enough. I realised I’ve no answers to life.

No mythical equation to solve the world. But I had found within me what I formerly lacked. 

That anything would keep my feet moving when my path felt unsteady. 

It would provide me with the fortitude to continue into the unknown. 

It could remind me that surrendering to my emotions and all the rest of what life had in store are where my lessons lay. 

When you feel like nothing: genuinely detached because it’s been one two many challenges. 

Finding anything within you encourages a level of perseverance that is untold. The “defining” moments we speak of, you can find them here. 

Where it’s okay if strength isn’t your first choice feeling. Nor should it always be.

So I guess why I’m here is a query  I may never be able to answer. 

Possibly because I’m not sure and equally because I don’t want to be. For all of its flaws and flairs life has brought me here. 

The semantics of how I got here only hold significance in lessons for living. 

The next steps are as frightening as the last forty. Maybe it’s because now I understand that like Jon Snow I know nothing and within that I’ve found freedom. 


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